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Welcome to JMG Solutions

Global leaders in providing Raiser's Edge and other Blackbaud solutions since 1998.

We are proud to announce JMG Solutions can provide customizations for your Online Express Forms
These customizations include the following:

  • Updating the form to include French translations
  • Modifying defaults on the form (like default State/Province, etc
  • Use a "Query Parameter" to have form fields propulated
  • You can visit our Online Express Customization Form Page for more details

    We are proud to announce JMG Solutions is the first and only Canadian Financial Edge NXT Channel Partner
    This means we can assist you with the following:

  • Updating from old out dated accounting system
  • Assist you with your current Financial Edge
  • Work with you to upgrade from Financial Edge to Financial Edge NXT
  • You can read the press release here.

    We are proud to announce we now have more import options available for our Super Importer Exporter to use.
    Do you use any of the following:

  • Luminate Online to Raiser's Edge
  • Raiser's Edge to Luminate Online
  • Mail Chimp

  • We can NOW help you sync both of these products with your Raiser's Edge database. Please reach out to us for more detailed information.

    We have launched our new website. You may notice it's different, but does the look and feel seem familiar?

    We are using the new Blackbaud SKY UX.  This is an open source design being used in their NXT products (The Raiser's Edge & The Financial Edge).

    Why SKY UX?
    The following are reasons Blackbaud created SKY UX (so why wouldn't we use it too):

    • Fun — SKY UX wears a t-shirt, not a tie. It gets the job done without being dull.
    • Transparent — What you see is what you get. SKY UX design relates directly to real world tasks.
    • Supportive — SKY UX provides guidance and direction, while still offering flexibility.
    • Natural — The way you flow through the application creates a sense of confidence in your work.
    • Comfortable — SKY UX is tailored, but not rigid.
    • Accessible — SKY UX strives to accommodate users.

    From the devices you use to your physical capabilities, Blackbaud cares, and JMG Solutions cares.

    More information is coming soon about the SKY UX from Blackbaud, so stay tuned.

    Now Available for Hosted and NXT Customers

    Our Super Importer Expoter is now live for both Raiser's Edge Hosted and Raiser's Edge NXT clients.   As of January 2016, if you are hosted with Blackbaud in any data centre around the world, our plugin is now available.  If you are currently hosted and looking for a fast and cost effective way to import data please contact us.

    "As a long time JMG Solutions client, we were very excited to hear SIE was available in the hosted environment. I had used the plugin at a previous organization that was self hosted so I knew the time it would save. I am very glad to be one of the first JMG Solutions clients to use the plugin within the hosted environment," says Marion Putman, Manager of Annual Programs & Raiser’s Edge at The Scarborough Hospital Foundation in Toronto.

    To read our full press release, click here.

    Please visit our JMG Solutions Super Importer Exporter Page for more information on our plugin.

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