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JMG Solutions Super Importer Exporter Plugin

 The JMG Solutions Super Importer Exporter has a number of unique features for assisting you with importing data:
  • Import any CSV or data from API/Webservice/ODBC Connection into Raiser's Edge
  • Import data from many popular online donation systems in one step
  • Allow you to map the fields to any in Raiser's Edge
  • Ability to cleanup / transform the data before imported into or exported out of Raiser's Edge
  • Has our custom value column to assist with data transformation of data
  • Our unique Matchers allows for review of data before being saved.
  • Check for duplicate constituents automatically during the import process
  • Create any new constituents not found during the check duplicate process
  • Load all the gift transactions directly into a new batch
  • Link event participants to existing gifts in Raiser's Edge
  • Pick the correct Campaign, Fund, Appeal by definable lookup field
  • Security to allow access to plugin
  • Each mapping has security for running the plugin as well as editing

 Some additional features (with optional fees):
  • Push Raiser's Edge data back to multiple different online systems (optional fee applies)
  • Schedule updates to run automatically off (optional fee applies)
  • NEW Post data from Raiser's Edge from all popular accounting systems (optional fee applies)
  • Create new queries based on external file (with ID number) (optional fee applies)


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